Mr. Johnny H.

Service Provider

My dad unfortunately has onset of dementia and it has been hard, but we needed to move him to a care facility for the elderly. His current home needed to be put on the market, and house hold items sent to the care facility.

Special Care

Special care was hard, but handled beautifully by Boomer Movers staff. I'ts tough when my Dad does not remember from one hour to the next what's going on. I can't say enough for the care and attention my Dad got.

Mr. Johnny H.'s Comments

Overall, it was a good transition from home to the care facility. Regardless of who was doing it, myself or Boomer Movers, had it challenges, for sure with my Dad's dementia. Thanks to the staff in helping us get through this process of life for my Dad.
Donald H. Calgary

Mrs. Barbara M

Service Provider

Our family decided that we needed our dear mother to be moved from her long time house to an assisted living complex. All the house contents needed to moved or sold.

Special Care

Boomer Movers took special care throughout the process of moving, and helping select items during the move to the assisted living complex. They were very considerate, and patient with our mom explaining the process and some of the things that were no longer needed. They were creative in ideas on how to bring that across without too much confusion or anxiety.

Mrs. Barbara M's Comments

I would trust to use this company for those ready for this. They are kind and considerate and helped alot when it came to our mom during the whole process. It took a weight off our shoulders, as we were feeling guilty not able to help more, they assured us that is normal, and they were to help in every way possible.

Mrs. Agnes M

Service Provider

Agnes and family required help in moving, and selling of car and home. Making the move quick and efficient and getting fair market value for home and car.

Special Care

Close attention to Agnes's possessions, and making the move with full attention to details, relieving stress during the process.

Mrs. Agnes M's Comments

In November I had to be hospitalized & then in turn put on a waiting list for a level 4 senior care facility. My granddaughters from Airdrie are the closest family. Brenda & Sue had such a difficult time trying to navigate everything that needed done, as they work full time. They contacted Boomer Movers and the rest is history. Between the time of my hospitalization and placement in Bethany care center in Didsbury , they did so much. With authorization from my girls, Boomer Movers were able to keep my bills paid, collected the mail, sidewalks cleared, plants watered. Then it was time to move my stuff to Bethany. They arranged for me to come to my home & just sit and say what I wanted. Whether to keep, sell or donate. Then they arranged for everything after that. My furniture was sold easily at fair market value, clothes donated etc. They then lined up the realtor to meet with me in my new suite, and I’ve listed above what I hoped for. I Highly recommend BOOMER MOVERS any day to anyone. Agnes MacLean Bethany Care Center Didsbury

Lorne J. Calgary AB

Service Provider

OUR STAFF; ...were helpful and friendly 5/5 ...having staff in home with personal belongings was comfortable 5/5 ...worked quickly and efficiently 5/5 OUR SERVICES; ...were accurately described 5/5 belongings were packed professionally and carefully 5/5 new residence looked attractive and objects were placed in appropriate places 5/5 OUR VALUE; ...Boomer Movers reduced my stress before and during the move 5/5 ...[client] adjusted to new home faster as result of using Boomer Movers 5/5 ...[client] new home was more comfortable and livable as a result of using Boomer Movers 5/5

Special Care

Boomer Movers were sincere about the outcome of the move being as positive as possible for the client. Apryl was a great help. Boomer Movers were thoughtful and thorough in advance 5/5

Lorne J. Calgary AB's Comments

The cost was reasonable and competitive...worth every penny! Our Aunti and family are pleased that we used Boomer Movers; we are happy to be a reference for Boomer Movers.

Karen Penrose

Service Provider

The crew worked very effectively together & kept up a very fast pace.

Special Care

[They] were careful as well, there was no damage through the whole move.

Karen Penrose's Comments

It is refreshing to see how well a group can get the job done- no complaints here on any aspect of the move! Highly recommend them & will call on them when I need something moved.