• What’s the difference between Boomer Movers and a moving company?

    Moving companies, while important provide only one aspect of your downsizing plan -  the move. Boomer movers are your ‘concierge’ so to speak, orchestrating all aspects of the down/rightsizing process from A-Z; depending on your needs. Maybe you plan to do some of the sorting yourself-great! We can fill in where-ever you need extra help, or simply take care of the entire process as per your desire.

    for your move can be as easy as you wish- Boomer Movers will sit down and plan it all out with you so you can relax and know exactly what will happen ahead of time.

  • How do I get ready for a move?
  • Preparation for your move can be as easy as you wish- Boomer Movers will sit down and plan it all out with you so you can relax and know exactly what will happen ahead of time.

    One of the first jobs is to sort what you would like to take, sell, give to loved ones, and donate. Whether you plan to move soon or are just starting to think about it– sorting and dispersing items you won’t be taking with you can help speed the moving process when your ready!  Be sure to check out the RESOURCES page for information on local charities and thrift stores.  

  • If we just want to de-clutter and stay in our current home, can you help?
  • Yes, if your plan is to remain in your home to -what is commonly termed as - 'age in place', you are far ahead of the game by de-cluttering, and a wise move in planning for less work down the road. 

    We would love to help you get organized to make your home easier and safer to move around for years to come! 

  • I am not a senior, but can we still hire you for our move?
  • Absolutely! We don't check ID (but will if you want us to!) 

  • How much does it cost?
  • Because people’s homes come in all sizes and can contain a little -or a lot- we offer a complimentary consultation to discuss what you can do for yourself, and what you need help with. Our goal is to work with you, so you are in complete control of a plan that will fit your individual needs and budget.  

  • Can you help me sell my home?
  • You bet; we work with a roster of trusted helping professionals to clean, repair and stage your home (if needed) as well work with local realtors to sell your home at the best possible price. 


  • How do I know what will fit into my new home?
  • Whether you are downsizing into a smaller apartment, or staying in your current home, we use a professional floorplanning tool to arrange your favourite furniture for the best possible mobility, safety, and ease of use in your new home. 
  • How do I deal with all this stuff?
  • Getting rid of possessions we’ve grown attached to isn’t easy for anyone. It can feel like giving up cherished memories and this is especially true for seniors. When faced with leaving a home we've lived in for a few decades, this may be especially difficult for the elderly who may feel if they lose the possesion, they will lose that memory.
    Having a trusted advisor on senior living issues can go a long way in helping seniors and their families navagate their way through what to get rid of and what to bring into a smaller home, be it assisted living or retirement community.

  • Who might use Boomer Movers?
  • We are contacted by various sources:
    Older adults
    Family members
    Banks and Trustee’s
    Geriatric Care Managers
    Social service providers/social workers
    Senior living communities
    Home care and other health providers
    Staging professionals